Direct transfer works, transfer queue does nothing

I am able to connect to my FTP server and directly transfer a file with no problem.

I cannot get the transfer queue to transfer files for me. When I press the "Start" button, it says "Working. . . (1 of 1 Workers running)" in the bottom-left. The transferred bytes stays stuck at 0. In the FTP log, it says:

"[19:40:15] NOOP
"[19:40:15] 200 Zzz...
"[19:40:46] NOOP
"[19:40:46] 200 Zzz..."

until the server finally closes the connection. When I do "Show Log" on the file in the transfer queue, the log is blank.

I'm hoping someone can point me toward some settings or options I can try changing. Thanks!

Hello ..

Please install the latest version from:

Then post the log from the transfer queue item.


I installed that version, but there is no change. When I right-click on the file in the transfer queue and select "Show Log", a dialog appears, but there is no text in it.

Please post a screenshot showing the Transfer Queue and the empty log.

Thank you.

Hello ..

Thanks. Please post the system information from the menu: Help->About dialog.

Do you have the Auto Dialer enabled in the Transfer Queue? menu: Tools->Settings "Queue"
If yes disable it.

Did you try to readd the file to the Transfer Queue again?


Wow, magic! I did have "Auto Dialer" enabled. I turned it off, and everything is now working as I expect.

Thanks for helping me out with this--I appreciate it.