Multiple Computers but only one user

I have been a long time user of the free verision of this software.
It isn't too often you find a stable product that performs as advertised
without issue. That being said I have a question before i buy.

I have a laptop, and two desktop pcs, at my home, all of which I use for my business.
I also have a pc at my store front office.

Whould I have to buy mutiple licenses for all these computers, or wil a single
user license do the trick? I am the sole proprieter and the only employee of my
business so no one else uses this software but myself.

I want to go "nag reminder" free by purchasing but 40 bucks X 4 is too much
for me right now..

thanks for any hlep you guys can give.
Developers thanks for a rock stable product that has never failed me.

Hello WebProJay ...

A single user license can be used by a one designated person and it can have 2 concurrent activations at most. For example you can install and use SmartFTP on your desktop and on your notebook.

Thanks very much..
purchasing now!