select WHERE the installer puts the files!

hi guys

i'll say - one thing that drives me a bit crazy is when an installer just assumes where i want to program to install to. DAMN IT. i have a seperate drive for my applications, yet SmartFTP installer does not let me choose - and just goes ahead and installs at

C:\Program Files\SmartFTP Client 2.0

most installers (well behaved ones) allow people to choose to what drive and folder they would like to install.

what is up here, please?

otherwise, thanks for the upgrade and your hard work

Hello ..

Your assumption is wrong. You can choose the installation folder with both of our setups/installers. When using the MSI installer select the "Custom" installation type and then choose the installation directory.


well hello again then.
i am not sure where you think i "assumed" anything. i am DESCRIBING my installation experience.

just to be sure, i went through it again.

there is NO INSTANCE of a dialog box that gives me a choice of "custom installation" WHATSOEVER.

the installer, welcomes me to the install, and gives me the choice of:


i click INSTALL

it installs without any further dialog box, to my c: drive


looking forward to your explanation, thanks again.

As you were asking so nicely for assistance, I took the time to take screenshots of the wizard pages that I get when launching SFTPMSI.exe. Hope that helps ...

[Removed images as the issue is resolved]

hello again -

i'm not sure if you guys think i'm just being sarcastic - but i assure you i am NOT.

your screen caps of the installer are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TO WHAT I GET!

the splash screen i get says:

"Resuming the SmartFTP Client Wizard
The Setup Wizard will complete the installation of
SmartFTP on your computer. Click install to continue or
Cancel to exit the Setup Wizard."

then, i have only got the buttons INSTALL and CANCEL.

when i click INSTALL - the program is installed to my c: drive, no questions asked.

now - when i was first prompted to update my installation of SmartFTP - it did NOT indicate that i should do an uninstall first - should i have??

also - in the folder where my previous SmartFTP was installed (seperate drive), now i see the CAB files from this installer ???

- so i am just looking to find out what i should do in order to be prompted with the normal setup procedure...?

thanks again /tre

hey, just for confirmation,

here is the screen of my first splash page from the installer:


This dialog is displayed because you are UPGRADING SmartFTP.



now, could you kindly shed some wisdom about WHY the upgrade does not install to the same location as my PREVIOUSLY installed version ??

- instead, it only extracts the CAB files to the previously installed location, and then automatically installs the program files to my C: drive - as i explained.

thanks /tre

The upgrade installs the files into the same folder as the previous installation was installed to.

Uninstall your current installation(s) and install SmartFTP with the official setup from: