For some reason Windows XP Firewall doesn't like 2.5

I just upgraded to 2.5.1006 last night and have problems...

If I start my windows XP machine (has auto update on so should be current) and then start SmartFTP I can connect once to a site. If I close that connection while SmartFTP is still open and try to open another connection or if I close SmartFTP and restart I get this message:

Cannot login waiting to retry (30s)...
[18:44:55] Server closed connection

and it just keeps trying to connect. Turning off the XP Firewall allows connections with no problems. I have deleted and entered SmartFTP Client 2.5 several times in the Firewall and the box is checked.

Anybody run into this or have any ideas?

Thanks so much,


Try the following:
1. Uninstall SmartFTP
2. Delete all the SmartFTP entries in the firewall configuration
3. Install SmartFTP

I hope this helps

Hi Mat,

That didn't work I tried several times and made sure that there was nothing in the program folders and Firewall settings. Each time that I installed again the prompt said I had been using SmartFTP for 3 days now and my Quick Connects were still there.

The first try it works and if I try connecting to another site it won't work even though the first is still open and functioning. Also, the SmartFTP entry is automatically put into the firewall which I thought was strange.

It sounds like there is some registry entry or some file hanging around. It's weird no one else is having this issue too.

Any other ideas?


The SmartFTP setup automatically adds SmartFTP to the exceptions in the Windows Firewall.

Do you have another software firewall beside the Windows XP firewall runing? There is a known problem with having 2 software firewalls running at the same time.


Nope just default windows. I am using Avast antivirus but don't think that's related. Also, about 6 months ago I was using Commodo firewall but uninstalled it.