.pureftpd-upload.files can't be deleted

I've searched the forum and not found this exact problem, but I'm sure it's here somewhere. Here's what happens to me.

Whenever for any reason, (my site's server, or whatever) causes a batch upload to fail halfway through, SmartFTP generates an error file with a name similar to .pureftpd-upload.44abeacb.15.63bc.127f3830 or .pureftpd-upload.46a4abdb.15.2cc6.84cbb53d (or something along those lines, starting with .pureftpd-upload._________).
Under File Description, instead of an application file, or a jpg, or whatever, they're named after the last 8 digits of the generated file name (for example: 84CBB53D File ).

The problem is, I can't delete the file. It simply will not delete. Changing the name won't take, changing the chmod won't affect it, shutting down smartftp and restarting it or refreshing the connection won't affect it . . . nothing will let you get rid of this file.

I would leave it alone, except that the next time I try to upload, change the CHMOD, or anything to those directories, SmartFTP will "catch" at that file and stop. If I want to delete a directory later, any directory with one of those files in it will not delete. So basically, while these files exist, they stop any batch work I want to do.

Can someone tell me, (in simple layman's terms) a step by step process whereby to eliminate these messy corrupt files and get on with the work I need to do?

Thanks so much for any help.

It's server issue, you must talk with your hosting to delete them.