Upload to what folder?

I don't seem to have problems connecting to the server but more what to do from there. I would like to drag and drop my files but to which folder - oh its so confusing when you are a novice!

Can't seem to find out anything about what to do. The help files/tutoprials are not particularly helpful in my case becasue they display different files names in their examples to the folder file names names I have on display. I have spent so much time trying to figure this out and still haven't managed to upload anything.

It would be difficult to say whether smart ftp is easy to follow as everthing seems confusing to me at the moment being a novice. I like simple buttons to do simple tasks. Thats not intended as a complaint.

Any tips, advice or links to help would be very welcome at this point in my life! :-))

Finally, It's not fair to kick off on free programmes such as this. I appreciate them and thank goodness they are offered. Much better to offer constructive critisim which would benefit everybody.

Hi, we can't know that, you must ask your hosting where you must upload the files.