Cannot Add Local folder to Transfer Queue


I have successfully Scheduled Downloads using the Transfer Queue and its timer function, I am now trying to Schedule the same folder to be Uploaded to another FTP site using the same Timed Transfer Queue.

When I drag a Remote Folder to the Transfer Queue, it appears in the Transfer Queue (no surprises so far!). But trying to do the same thing in reverse - Dragging a Local Folder to the Transfer Queue doesn't seem to work - it doesn't appear in the Queue.

The Folder in question has 1,038 objects (Sub Folders and Files) within it, if this makes a difference, but I can't help thinking that I have missed something important!

Kevin Russell

I found another Post on the same topic... ... 13034.html

...and the solution... ... dQueue.htm

...which is to drop the Folder on the TEMPORARY QUEUE, then open the Remote Folder which in turn moves the Pending Transfer to the TRANSFER QUEUE. A bit circuitous given than a Scheduled download can be achieved by simply dropping the folder onto the TRANSFER QUEUE.

Anyhow, thanks for your help