New Software will not run

Like others on this board I've come here for the first time since I am having a problem getting Smart FTP to open.

Have just downloaded the new version of Smart FTP, but still the programme often closes after the initial screen. This has happened before - when I need to get the new version - but I have the newest one now, so why???

BTW, it doesn't look like the new version has installed over the older ones - is this likely to be a problem and do I need to uninstall those so the new one will open?

I don't really want to risk losing all the FTP login info for various sites I have - will that happen? and any way to lessen it happening?

I think there must be a bug in this new version? I have downloaded 3 or 4 versions of Smart FTP over the years and not had this issue before with new versions.

Is there someone technical who can help out here? Thanks a lot!