SmartFPT Client

Ok, I am working on our Xbox 360 Clan's website ( and was told to download the SmartFTP client. I already downloaded it but when I opened it, it said something about purchasing it. I was wondering if when I downloaded it, it costs money.

So, here is the link to what I downloaded:

I chose the 32 bit one.

My question is:
Is this program free, or does it cost money? Is there a trial or what? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!?

WB Spyder

30 views, but not a reply? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!?!?!

Hi, SmartFTP is free for personal use.

Hi, SmartFTP is free for personal use.

Thanks for answering my question. <3

ok, SmartFTP is free for 30 Days then you need to purchase a license for it... but yes, its free for 30 days then u gotta pay for it.

No that's wrong. Please try to read what the license reminder says.