Auto upload, but still pops up the "remote edit" window

I have SmartFTP and run Vista Ultimate x64. When I use notepad or ultraedit (my fave) it will allow me to edit a file and when I close it it will auto upload the changed one, but it will pop up the window talking about the remote edit that says "once you are done editing the file click on the upload button to manually upload the file" even though its action is set to automatically upload on change ... ?

Then, if I hit the close window for that and try to edit the same file again, I get a "File Exists" pop up asking me to overwrite the file -- in the temp folder. Couldn't this just make a new temp file or delete the old one instead of asking me to overwrite it?

This seems similar to ... 12470.html. Specs below:

+- System -----------------------------
Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition
(Build 6000)

CPU Speed : 2400 MHz
Total Memory : 4094 MB
Free Memory : 1503 MB

+- SmartFTP ---------------------------
Version : 2.5.1006.3
Time Stamp : 2007-06-01 11:49:23
Platform : x64

+- Application DLL --------------------
sfFTPLib.dll :
sfFavorites.dll :
SmartHook.dll :

+- Language ---------------------------
SmartFTP.exe : 2.5.1006.3

+- Internet Explorer ------------------
Version : 7.0.6000.16448

+- Winsock ----------------------------
Winsock : 2.2