Uploads not showing in log or prompt for overwrite

I have searched heaps through here and the knowledge base to solve the problem I am having.

For some reason my uploads (drag and drop using remote browser and local browser windows) and not showing in the logs AND there is no prompt for overwriting files either.

A couple of days ago this all worked fine, drag and drop files into remote ftp site and you would see the STOR commands (now shows only last commands) in the log and then it would auto refresh the folder's contents after completion which it has stopped as well. If I drag and drop a directory that contained other directories it you would see in the remote browser the directories being branched out as it does the uploads along with seeing the commands in the log.

Also when uploading files that already exist there is no more prompt to check for overwrite as well. I have also gone through all of the default favorites settings for file exists rules to see if they had been changed but no difference.

Can someone please suggest some way to fix this problem, I haven't played with settings but do believe I accidently clicked on something in the bottom pane (transfer queue etc.) a couple of days ago when it started but can't work out how to clear it.

I have un-installed (plus delete smartftp application data dir) and re-installed v2.5.1006 with no luck either of getting 'default settings'.

I managed to fix this problem myself finally!

I had accidently clicked on the 'Queue/Direct Transfer' button and switched to 'Queue' mode. The button is located in the blue panel between your local and remote browsers and is the blue coloured Q.