Longtime Filezilla User | Double-Click and Transfering

I'm a long time Filezilla user and am looking for alternatives because I cannot deal with some of the bugs any longer.

I like SmartFTP but there are a few things that could potentially keep me from using it:

1) Is there any way to configure it to upload a file on double-click? Currently it opens the file in an editing tool. I understand there could be multiple servers open but is there an option to lock a server or to default to the active tabbed server?

2) Conversely, is there any way to download a file to the current directory of the current tab of the local machine on double-click? Right now everything downloads to one single directory on double-click.

Currently I have to use the two upload/download buttons to do what I am wanting to do; is there a way to have this functionality whilst double-clicking?

To 1, no, you can't, to 2, you can change where do you like to download the files at settings->general and what double click on remote does at settings->general->navigation also you can edit a favorite and setup to what folder you go to download things from that site opening the correct local folder.