XP smart FTP 2.0 to Vista smart ftp 2.5


I have been using smart ftp 2.0 on XP for years. I have alot of details I want to transfer to a new Vista laptop. I have installed smart FTP 2.5.

How do I transfer all my remote browser details? I have forgot the passwords so I cant simply type them in. Also I cant get the backup program to work? Is there an easy way to do this?


Hello ...

Import the favorites.dat from version 2.0 in version 2.5. To do so:
1. Locate the favorites.dat on your old computer/installation
It can usually be found in the %appdata%\smartftp\client 2.0\favorites folder
2. In SmartFTP 2.5, go to menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites. In the Favorites window, go to menu: Tools->Import.


For some reason that didnt work it imported some other stuff but not all my different remote brower details???


If you import the Favorites.dat it will import the Favorites with all your Remote Browser details. You may want to import History.dat from 2.0 as well through the system function.


Hi thanks for the help had a look through the favs and found all my details. That was great help a life saver.