path field - difference between tutorial and current version of SmartFTP

I have searched through the tutorials, the knowledgebase and this forum hoping to find the answer to a really simple question, but so far have not. Can someone please tell me what to enter in the 'path' field in the dialog box for create 'new remote browser'. The tutorial for connecting to a new ftp account does not give any information on this field - it just isn't referred to. I am attaching a screenshot I made illustrating the problem - hope someone can help. It is such a simple thing but completely frustrating! Image

Thanks for any help
Anne Ward

In most cases you can leave the path field empty. In all other cases the web hosting provider will provide you with the correct information.


Many thanks for your very prompt and helpful reply. Could I just suggest that you update the tutorial to include this information, as the absence of any instruction for the 'path' field can be frustrating!