550 *date*: No such file or directory

Hi everyone,

I have downloaded SmartFTP and works perfectly! Better than all other FTPs I've been using.

But, when uploading a file, this is what I get:

[15:11:28] STOR test.html
[15:12:13] 226 Transfer complete.
[15:12:13] MDTM 20070528'''''' test.html
[15:12:13] 550 20070528'''''': No such file or directory
[15:12:13] SIZE test.html
[15:12:14] TYPE A
[15:12:15] 200 Type set to A
[15:12:15] PASV
[15:12:16] 227 Entering Passive Mode (').
[15:12:16] Opening data connection to ' Port: '
[15:12:16] LIST -aL
[15:12:18] 150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for file list
[15:12:18] ' bytes transferred. (') (')
[15:12:19] 226-Transfer complete.
[15:12:19] 226 Quotas off
[15:12:19] Transfer successful.

Is everything right? Why am I getting the line in red? (And why there is 2 transfer complete ?).


I have basically the same problem. I had tried other software and they had similar problems with the same files. So it may be the files that are the problem on my end or there is some set limitations on types/sizes that I can upload.

DSB: Please post the log

If the MDTM command fails the FTP server usually doesn't support changing the file time/date of a remote file.