Can't connect for uploading

Dear Mat:
While trying to upload files, I face things as follows:

-An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host

-530 Log in authentication failed

-Client closed the connection

Please help me solve such problems. This is my first time with SmartFTP.


Note : Is it possible firewall or antivirus cause such problems?

Hello ..

The server doesn't let you log in because the username/password you have entered is incorrect.
Please see: ... e-f51.html

Contact your web hosting provider to get the correct information.


It doesn't seem to matter what I do I cannot connect. The names are right, the password is right but I still keep getting the 530 message and I can't stay connected to upload any files.

Does anyone know how I would obtain the TCP and UDP port numbers so I could configure my firewall on my router just in case that's the problem.



Dear Mat:

The problem was solved according to your suggestion. Thank you so very much.