Vista Problems

I recently upgraded my version of SmartFTP, after it un-expectantly started to stop responding and when I it sent a bug report, I received an email saying my version was out of date.

I have un-installed and reinstalled twice, but to no avail. When I execute SmartFTP, it will show the splash screen, but then it'll try to submit a bug report to Microsoft.

Any suggestions?

Try disabling UAC and trying again.
(START > CONTROL PANEL > USER ACCOUNTS > TURN USER ACCOUNT CONTROL ON OR OFF) then select off and the problems should disappear. It happened to me and I disabled UAC and then it worked.

Thanks for your suggestion ZanScripts; except I've already disabled UAC.

I couldn't stand it bugging me, especially when I have complete and utter control of my computer! I know what's happening and when its happening!

I uninstalled the version I current had installed.

Restarted my computer

Downloaded and installed the latest version.

Restarted my computer

It shows completely the same process. Of when executed, it shows that it has been installed for seven days , I then click Ok, it shows me the splash screen, and then is next trying to submit a "crash/bug" report to Microsoft.

Delete the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SmartFTP\Client 2.0 and try again.