can't import favorites back


I just upgraded to latest version (2.5). Before I upgraded I had v2.0.

I backed up all my settings and favorites with the smartftp backup tool. I ran the setup exe and it said it'll install smart ftp 2.0.
I cancelled the setup tried again same message, I uninstalled v2.0 and ran setup again. Finally setup message changed to v2.5

After the setup I ran the backup tool to restore my favories and settings. but it was unsuccessful:

Failed to restore "Favorites.dat".
Restore of application data failed.

I can't restore my favorites. I was keeping all my passwords in there, and unfortunately I don't have another copy of all of them.

Any ideas how to restore my favorites.?


Hello ..

Menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites. Then Menu: Tools->Import. Select "SmartFTP Favorites (Favorites.dat)". Select Favorites.dat. click on OK.