Cannot View All Folders

My Linux Server adminstrator has installed a cgi-bin folder outside of the 3 website root folders and I cannot see it in my SmartFTP.


###.#.###.### (IP Address)
_______cgi-bin (It should be here but I cannot see it.)
_______website root folder
_______webstie root folder
_______website root folder

This folder in red above is a "Symbolic Link" inserted by my Linux Server Administrator at the same level as the "website root folders" (making it outside of and usable by all websites). SmartFTP will not show me this folder.

I have researched the KB and Forums. I have disabled the "Show All Files" and "Resolve Links" by removing the check marks in the Transfer Settings.

Still cannot see the link.

Any advice would sincerely by appreciated or I will have to resort to another FTP program.