Accidental XML conversion of Word file on hard drive

I was trying to upload a Word file to my site using FTP. I was trying to add it to the transfer queue. When I clicked on 'open' it was looking for XML files and couldn't find any. I asked it to open a Word file. It did not open and did not transfer onto the page. I gave up. However, during that process somehow the original file got converted to XML. It still has the original file name (including the .doc) but I have lost all the content and the file is only 1 kb now with some header XML lines. I do not understand how my original file was altered in this process or how to get it back.
Please help!!!!!

Thanks Matt
But it never even uploaded... and I can't get back my original file. Is there anything that I can do to retrieve that original information?

Hello ..

Your file is lost. It's the same as when you open a file in Notepad and delete everything and save it.