CHMOD files in folders, but not folders


first of all, sorry if this question has already been asked, in that case I entered the wrong keywords in the search engine.

I'm looking for an easy way to give all my files 644 permissions. The folders should keep 755.
What is the easiest command to do this?

So I'm not looking for the option 'Apply changes to folder, subfolder and files', I only like to change the files OR folders.
Is this possible in SmartFTP? If not, what's a good alternative?


Hello ..

This is not possible with SmartFTP. Why exactly do you want to CHMOD all your files to 644?



thanks for the fast reply.

It's for security reasons, one of the sites where I'm temporary in charge of, has been hacked 3 times; I've upgraded the content management system behind it and I would also like to change all files to 644. It's a little too much to do it seperately