conversion into French version


I have downloaded the last English version of SmartFTP (3,5 MB)

Willing to read it in French, I have also downloaded the last French version of SmartFTP (561 KB)

I do not know how to convert the English version of SmartFTP (3,5 MB) with the French version.

How do I do that ?

Sorry for the stupid question.

Looking forward hearing from you,



The latest version available on seems to be SmartFTP 2.5.1004.
The translation was made for version 2.0.1002 (as said in the message box displayed when you run the installer of the french translation!).

Two solutions for you :
- wait for the official release of SmartFTP and i will update the translation
- download SmartFTP 2.0.1002 on my website : (it's the version the translation was made for)