Data Transfer - Please Help!

We are really hoping someone can help us out.

We recently changed servers for our web site. Unfortunately, none of our data transferred over to our FTP account with hew new server.

We were lucky enough to recover all of the data from our old host in an old FTP account. However, we do not know how to transfer over all of the data, as the new server says we need to save it to our computer but we do not know how.

Can anyone PLEASE give us detailed directions on how to save all of the data from our old FTP account to our new one so we can re-open our site? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance.

I'm new to this and have only used SmartFTP but when I created my website everything I have uploaded has only been copied to the server so I literally have a 'mirror' website on my PC. If I were to change servers I would simply drag the top folder(s) from my PC (local browser window) to the remote browser window. If you don't have your website on your own PC just reverse the procedure, it may take awhile depending on how many files you have on the server and you need to ensure you have enough storage (perhaps use an external hard drive to save to) for the download. Once you've done this log on to your new server and reverse procedure again, i.e. upload everything. Hope this helps.