Uploading many small size files

Imagine I want to upload ALL the files for phpBB forum onto my ftp server. As you know, phpBB contains hundreds of small files.

Normally, I would select the phpBB folder and drop it into my ftp server. But this takes forever to upload all the files - more than 2 hours. The total size of the folder is around 20MB.

Whats the best way to upload many small size files using SmartFTP ?

Hi, the best way is use the queue and the max number of workers allowed by server.

Actually the best way to upload a big number of small files is to make a zip archive on your local computer. Then upload the zip file and extract it with script that runs on the server.


The problem I see when uploading many files (big or small) is that SmartFTP wants to re-fetch the directory listing every time. As the list of files grow, the time/size of the dir listing also grows. The FTP server where I have frequent problems with this does not support MDTM and SIZE options. Maybe this is the issue?

In any case, is there an option to simply turn off retrieving the directory listing after EVERY file uploaded in the queue? I'm not doing heavy sync with a lot of users ... its just me and my ftp server :)

And no, the .zip option is not an option.

Note, I see this even when using the Transfer Queue option. For small files, the "Status" field will show something like "(15.7 KB/1.06 KB) 100%" for every file until it is able to pull down the directory and upload the file.

Hello ..

The Transfer Queue doesn't list the directory everytime you upload a file - unless your FTP server does't support the SIZE command. And I think that's the case with your FTP server.