Files & Folders not listing/displaying when connecting to school network.

I When I try and connect to my collage FTP to upload my assignments. (schooling for Web Design) I get no file, or directory listings. While I can upload files fine, and they can be seen in my browser, it does not display anything in smartftp, so I can't manage the files uploaded. Yet when connecting to my personal website, and my sisters, and clients servers for my freelance work, it all views just fine.

And pressing F5, or refreshing does nothing. Connecting to my school still displays nothing, yet I know there are files and folders there cause I can access them. This it is seriously interfering with my schoolwork as labs, midterms, and finals all have to be uploaded to our accounts on the collage network for grading.
My Advance user interface finals are due next week, the site we are designing needs to be uploaded. Is there a fix for this?

My complete log when logging in, user name has been removed.

[22:25:12] SmartFTP v2.0.1002.2

[22:25:12] Resolving host name ""

[22:25:12] Connecting to Port: 21

[22:25:12] Connected to

[22:25:22] 220--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[22:25:22] 220-This is the "Banner" message for the Mac OS X Server's FTP server process.

[22:25:22] 220-

[22:25:22] 220-			  FTP clients will receive this message immediately

[22:25:22] 220-			  before being prompted for a name and password.

[22:25:22] 220-

[22:25:22] 220-PLEASE NOTE:

[22:25:22] 220-

[22:25:22] 220-	   Some FTP clients may exhibit problems if you make this file too long.

[22:25:22] 220-

[22:25:22] 220--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[22:25:22] 220-

[22:25:22] 220 student.local FTP server ready.

[22:25:22] USER #####

[22:25:23] 331 Password required for #####.

[22:25:23] PASS (hidden)

[22:25:23] 230--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[22:25:23] 230-This is the "Welcome" message for the Mac OS X Server's FTP server process.

[22:25:23] 230-

[22:25:23] 230-FTP clients will receive this message right after a successful log in.

[22:25:23] 230-

[22:25:23] 230--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[22:25:23] 230-

[22:25:23] 230 User ##### logged in.

[22:25:23] SYST

[22:25:23] 215 UNIX Type: L8 Version: BSD-199506

[22:25:23] Detected Server Type: UNIX

[22:25:23] FEAT

[22:25:23] 211-Supported features:

[22:25:23]  REST STREAM

[22:25:23]  ADAT

[22:25:23]  AUTH

[22:25:23]  CCC

[22:25:23]  CONF

[22:25:23]  ENC

[22:25:23]  MIC

[22:25:23]  PBSZ

[22:25:23]  PROT

[22:25:23]  MDTM

[22:25:23]  UTF8

[22:25:23]  SIZE

[22:25:23] 211 End

[22:25:23] OPTS UTF8 ON

[22:25:24] 200 UTF-8 encoding enabled

[22:25:24] PWD

[22:25:24] 257 "/" is current directory.

Hello ...

Your log doesn't include the directory listing attempt. Please press F5 or refresh and post the complete log.


The directory might be empty. Right click on the folder and select "Show Raw Listing" from the context menu. Post its content here.

If you expect people to help you I think you should change your attitude first. I would like to remind you that you are using a product for free and you are requesting free support as well.


And I find it odd that you people don't seem to understand when we say it shows NOTHING.
In fact, that's not true. Your screenshot shows a root folder named "". If you just right-clicked on that folder to choose "Show Raw Listing" and copy the contents here, we would have solved this issue by now.

Try this, edit the Favorite Item for the connection and then goto the FTP->Transfer page and uncheck all directory listing options.