Uploading Restarts

Ok. I'm an old school guy but I know my way in the new technical things as well. Previously i was using WS_FTP 2000 but then recently upgraded to SmartFTP v2.0 since I have been having upload problems with WS_FTP (uploading but not complete)

Unfortunately I am having a similar upload problem with SmartFTP as well. Since I have multiple big presentation files I want to upload to my server for my business, I use the Transfer Queue and line them up and then press play. I use the keep alive option to make sure the server does not stay disconnected. I leave it uploading a 130mb file for a few minutes, 20%, 40%, 70%, 97% and then i watch it go to 99% and suddenly instead of completing and moving on to the next presentation upload, it restarts the same upload all over again. Why is this?

This is seriously putting me behind of my deadline and not making life any easier for me.


Hello ..

Your post lacks several information:
1. Full log
2. Version information (Help: About->System Information)