Can't find my files

Hi I'm new to all this. I'm trying to upload some music files to my board for general download, I've created the folder where the files are to be hosted from eg:

and I've successfully uploaded my tracks to this folder. My problem is when I provide the link to where the track should be eg:

[url=]track 1[/url) <changed so it wouldn't actually be a link

when I click on this link all I get is a 404, instead of the download box I am expecting. I'm tearing my hair out trying to figure out whats wrong. Please help a n00b.

OK, could someone help me please. I'm sure this isn't a difficult problem to those who know, but I don't know. My site is on hold until SOMEONE is curteous enough to spend a few seconds explaining it to me. Thank you.

edit: Maybe a screenshot will help...