System specific exists/replace issue

I dont know if its a bug, but its causing a little concern every now and then.

I've got the latest version and what I think is the latest version installed on my office and home machines respectively. In the office, its winxp home, all updated etc, and my home pc is xp pro, updated etc. ( dont ask me why, my work doesn't believe in professional xp i guess. beside the point )

At home, transfers run fine as they do at work, but at home, the Replace and Existing file dialogue is as it should be, while at work ( here ) even after re-installing the software the existing file actually shows the replacement file size and vice versa. So whenever i do an upload or download from work to our server I have to actually make sure I'm getting the correct file in the correct place.

Has anyone else had this problem ? Is this changable somewhere ? It just gets a little nerve wracking sometimes as I'm never sure if I've got the right version of anything.

Dave Vaughan, NZ.