FTP Not Connecting

[14:30:32] SmartFTP v2.0.1002.2
[14:30:33] Resolving host name "ftp.mysite.com"
[14:30:37] Connecting to xx.xxx.xxx.xxx Port: 21
[14:30:46] Connected to ftp.mysite.com.
[14:30:47] 220 Serv-U FTP Server v6.4 for WinSock ready...
[14:30:47] USER Myusername
[14:30:48] 331 User name okay, need password.
[14:30:48] PASS (hidden)
[14:30:48] 230 User logged in, proceed.
[14:30:48] SYST
[14:30:48] 215 UNIX Type: L8
[14:30:48] Detected Server Type: UNIX
[14:30:48] FEAT
[14:30:48] 211-Extension supported

I've been getting that for a few days now...and yes I uploaded the bug patch...

Can someone please help me? I'm not a coder or programmer...I have a message board and I can't get the SmartFTP to work. I did the update and I changed the connections to passive and active and vice versa...