550 - uploading dificulties


I ama regular user of SmartFTP and recently (last couple of days) I am having dificulties with uploading pages on my site. I get a 550 message that stae in red "No such file or directory" Has anyone come across this problem. I use Dreamweaver and appear to have constructed my page ok but I am baffled by this message.


Yeh i got the same problem.

I have just had this problem too and I need to change the folder and file permissions in order for my software to run. On another thread - https://www.smartftp.com/forums/index.ph ... ange+perms - it says to download and install the latest release of SmartFTP but I've done this and even completely removed the old version yet it still does not allow me to make and CMOD changes!

Sadly I am going to have to look for another ftp client, I really enjoyed using SmartFTP and have done for years - but I cannot continue with it like this.