Info for v2 users - If file exists issue

Hi folks, just a quick heads up as this caused me a LOT of annoyance this week.

I upgraded from 1.x to 2.x when Smart stopped working and everything went pretty well, all sites and most functions got transferred over.

One thing that went wrong though was when I was testing and uploading a new PHP script I was working on. I'd upload it, try it out, get an error, go and edit the PHP file and reupload. But when running the script again I'd sometimes end up with no change, or worse, extra ?>'s at the end.

I finally figured out that SMart had defaulted to to file exists rules and if I was editing a file and uploading it within a minute of the last upload the file dates and times would be the same so Smart would then APPEND any extra bytes from my new file to the old one. And since it was usually a missing ; or " I was getting the extra > or ?> at the end.

Bot a bug but something to be mindful of! I then of course went in and deleted all the rules so no matter what I say to upload, it will do

Kind regards,