SmartFTP zeroed my file when the source does not exist?

I was downloading a few files when the FTP owner decided to move the files to another folder.

SmartFTP, instead of just saying file not exist and keep my incomplete (or in fact, some of them are completed files) files intact, I think SmartFTP thinks the source (remote) filesize is 0 bytes and hence zero-ed my local file. I don't think it can roll back over 1GB given my 32K rollback setting, and it did not even involve resuming.

Wasn't happy when my progress was like 89% (5 files 2GB each) then when I wake up they all becomes 0b

This did not happen in older versions like 2.0.999

I have my Queue and File exist rule setting to:
Resume: File size smaller, time regardless
Skip: File size same/larger
Default: Resume
Resume rollback: 32768b

SmartFTP Version 2.0.1002
OS: Windows 2003 32Bit SP1

May I also ask a favour to make the default queue action setting to SKIP or ASK for same filesize. When I just reinstalled smartftp and quickly resume my downloads I was expecting smartftp to skip my complete downloaded files, but instead it overwritten my files. With 8 download threads I set, it "removed" about 20GB of my files within a minute before I noticed it I know some people who is dealing with small files (probably webhosting) will want the overwrite default, but no, I don't think anyone want smartftp to overwrite 1GB+ files by default given the current internet speed.

Thank you for making such a great software.