Unable to FTP Large Files


I have been trying to FTP a large file (844 MB) to my web site, for the past several days. It seems to start, showing that it will take a little over 3 hours to complete. I have increased the timeout to 9999, and the max file size to 0 (No Limit).

There is no file restriction on the server.

Can anyone guide me to figure out why the FTP is failing?

I will provide the failure details as soon as it fails again.


Sorry for not having a direct answer, but as far as a solution, is it possible for you to zip or rar the file into sections which FTP could more easily digest, and reassemble server-side?

Most large files I've ever seen have been done in this method.


Also get the benefit of compression.

But I suppose if you didn't have access to the server... you wouldn't be able to reassemble.

Thank you for your response.

I have gotten around the problem by breaking the files up into smaller pieces.

I hadn't thought about compressing the files before FTPing - thank you!

I don't think that I have access to the server to decompress, but will look into it.

Thanx again!