Resuming a Download

Hello, i am trying to resume a download but i can't get it as an option. I downloaded about 1MB of the file then tried to resume it, but it then says that the existing file is 2,683,522,394 Bytes (2.49GB the size of the file i want), but it is not because i only downloaded 1.32MB of it.

The above screenshot is Smart FTP asking me what i want to do because the file exists, and also ask me to replace it with 1,389,920 Bytes (1.32MB), so it seems it's the wrong way around.

Surely it should say the existing file is 1,389,920 Bytes (1.32MB) and ask me to replace it with the 2,683,522,394 Bytes (2.49GB) file, right?

Here is a screenshot of the existing file i have:

Is this a bug, or have i misunderstood something? Whatever it is, if anyone can help me out i would appreciate it.


Hello ..

This is a bug in SmartFTP. The Source/Destination files are mixed up in the dialog.


Thanks for the reply,

What can i do to sort it? Reinstall, patch, newer/older version?


Hello ..

Just wait for the new version.