Queue Timer not Functioning

I have installed the new version (v2.0.1002) as per another post but I can't get the timer to work. I place items into the temporary queue. I then drag the files to the destination folder. This moves the files to the transfer queue. I then choose the timer button and click enable on the start timer. I then set the time I want the transfer to begin. I then click on the enable recurrence and set the recurrence time. I then click the ok button. I then click the start button on the transfer queue and instead of the file transferring at the scheduled time, the transfer goes immediately and is removed from the transfer queue.

My understanding of how this should work is that the file should not be transferred until the scheduled time. I am not sure if the file should remain in the transfer queue or not if recurrence has been chosen. What am I missing? I am interested in purchasing some licenses for our School Board however this function is mandatory if we are to do this.

Please stick to one thread. I can't find any problems with the Queue timer's function. If you should please post detailed step by step instructions on how to reproduce it. You can create a movie which shows the problem with CamStudio (freeware) as well.