web host address

I need a free website to host my photos in order to use SmartFTP. I signed up for esnips and for spaces.live.com at msn, but the addresses I try to put in the HOST box do not work to make a connection. I want to upload photos to eBay using a URL. When I had cable, they provided me with a host address, but my hughes.net service where I moved does not offer web hosting. Can anyone tell me how to get a webhost address that will work in the SmartFTP site? I want something simple. I had no problem with the cable address. Before I moved, I simply logged on and went to the photos I wanted to upload. (I was using a different FTP provider, but downloaded this one since it wouldn't accept any website addresses I tried, either.)

You cannot use SmartFTP with URLs that start with http://, SmartFTP is for FTP (ftp://) only. So make sure your providers offer FTP access to your account.