queue question


Now and then i have a rather large queue with 90% of the files on one site. However, i sometimes need to stop SFTP from connecting to that site as the other side needs the bandwidth and does not want me leeching. Normally i can just shut down the program or hit the stop button on the queue and all is well. However, if i have files from other sites going, and i do not want to stop those, just the files from site #1 how can i do this? Sure i can right click and go abort, but that only does one file/folder at a time. This is a pain if i have hundreds of files to do. I would have thought highlighting all the files and aborting them would have worked, but that too only does one at a time. There has to be a way to do that without canceling the queue and having to redo the queue manually after.

Saving the queue to reload later is a thought, but that assume i do not have files from site #2 still going when i am told i can get back to site #1.

Any thoughts?

Have you tried to sort the queue entries by source, select all from the same server, right-click the entries and choose "Pause" from the context menu?

Hello ...

You cannot really "sort" anything in the Transfer Queue. But if you can manually select them, the method described by eyebex should work.