Proxy digest authentication

Hi forum,

We have just gotten a webproxy, and our network-admin has changed the network so I can't use SmartFTP without first authenticating in DIGEST (MD5) mode with this webproxy !!!
I have tried to setup SmartFTP's proxy configuration - but I can't find any DIGEST settings .

Can anyone help - Please !!!

Hello ..

It's currently not supported because nobody ever requested it. However non transparent web proxies are a thing of the past.


Hi mb,

thanks for you reply.
From my network-admin: "We are using microsoft clients and non-microsoft proxy, and it is therefore not possible to use a transparent proxy when access is on userlevel. We can't use transparent proxies, because we need to restrict certain users access".

I have tried (hard) to find another ftp-client with "proxy digest (MD5) authentication", but without success...
Is there any chance this could be implemented into smartftp anytime soon ?

Thanks again !

Hello ..

Ah I think you are looking for NTLM authentication. This is planned and I already looked into it. However I had no way to test it


hi mb,

From my network-admin:
"You are right - NTLM would be a way to do it, but we authenticate agains LDAP and therefore use digest (MD5)."

My network-admin tells me that he can give you a testaccount on our proxy!!!
I would also be happy to test this for you, if you like this instead...

Thanks again !

Just some notes for myself:

The RFC is at:

Do you know any other FTP client that actually supports digest auth?


Hi Mat,

CommandLine clients:
I have installed and tried: cURL [] (proxy digest authentication is supported and works)

Advanced GUI clients:
I have installed and tried: SmartFTP, WSFTP, bpFTP, CoreFTP, CuteFTP and FileZilla (I think all had Proxy Auth - but I havn't found anyone with digest...)
I have read about many others but none describe Proxy digest authentication.

I have installed and tried: Internet Explorer and Firefox (proxy digest authentication is supported and works)
I have read about that also the following browsers should support proxy digest auth: Netscape Navigator, Mozilla and Safari.

Best regards
Michael Maymann