too much folders...

Hello forum,

I have updated to Smart FTP client 2.0 and now i have the following trouble.
If I log in to my web account the main window shows me the complete server content.
You can see it at the screen shot...
I asked already my hosters hotline about this problem. She said, it's not a problem on the server.
I guess that I see all the folders from all other users on this (shared) server. It's possible to
click on the folder, but I can't open it. It's just a very confusedly view...
To fix this problem I uninstalled the complete client including the german language pack and
cleaned the registry. After the re-installation (without the language pack) the same problem was showed.
I hope you can help me!

Greetings from Germany


PS.: this is the screen shot:


Disable the [x] Recursive in the Directory Listing Options.

If it still shouldn't work provide all the necessary information (logs, raw directory listings etc).