Copy from remote folder to remote folder?

Hi, I would like to copy a file from one remote folder to another remote folder. Both folders are on the same server. Everything I've tried has not worked.

I tried simply copying and pasting, but the paste option gets greyed out. Then I tried creating an additional remote browser with a new name and going to the same server, but when I copied and pasted the transfer failed.

Any suggestions?

This is usually not supported by FTP, but the most recent SmartFTP builds include a solution for this which requires the server to support FXP (server to server transfers). To try this, get the most recent build from my footer, install it over the existing SmartFTP installation, set the "Default Drag & Drop Operation" to "Queue" in the settings (under "General" -> "Navigation") and retry.

However, it sounds as if you already tried this manually my using to two connections to the same server. If it failed (and also the above method fails) it is very likely you server does not support FXP transfers. In that case, there is no way to copy files within the same remote server using FTP.

Thanks eyebex,

I've done as you instructed but it still didn't work.

So I contacted my host and they're going to look into it.

Do you know if FXP support is common among web hosts?

just wanted to mention that my host added fxp support for me.

if anyone has the same problem,just ask your host and maybe they'll accomodate.

Hello ..

Unfortunately FXP is usually disabled due to "security reasons".