Symbolic link

I will ask if download of real file from symbolic link ,is possible?

Yes, just look at the "Type/Description" and / or "Permission" columns in the remote file view. If these are "Symbolic Link" or the permissions that with an "l" (lowercase "L"), then it's a link and not a real file / directory.

ok that, but why when i put in queue download(drag & drop) symbolik link of 1 real directory(where inside are 1 or more of 1 file) ,downloading not start? Seem that smartftp don't recognize exact direct link of real directorory ,so can't downloaw nothing.

Have you actually pressed the start button on the queue toolbar? If so, right-click the queue item that does not transfer, choose "Show Log" and copy it here.

Yes ,sure that ,start button was pressed ...... i add log and pic think so can explein better .


drag & drop in transfer queue window


this is log:

[codebox][20:47:27] Detected Server Software: DrFTPD
[20:47:27] CLNT SmartFTP 2.0.1001
[20:47:27] 200 Command okay
[20:47:27] TYPE I
[20:47:27] 200 Command okay
[20:47:27] REST 0
[20:47:27] 350 Requested file action pending further information.
[20:47:27] PWD
[20:47:27] 257 "/" is current directory
[20:47:27] SIZE mp3-today
[20:47:27] 213 13488481189
[20:47:27] SIZE mp3-today
[20:47:27] 213 13488481189
[20:47:27] MDTM mp3-today
[20:47:27] 213 20070124203600.859
[20:47:27] PROT P
[20:47:27] 200 Command okay
[20:47:27] PRET RETR mp3-today
[20:47:27] 500 getSlaves() called on a directory: /mp3/copyleft/2007
[20:47:27] PASV
[20:47:28] 500 You need to use a client supporting PRET (PRE Transfer) to use PASV
[20:47:28] MDTM mp3-today
[20:47:28] 213 20070124203600.859[/codebox]

Thanks. Could you please also post a raw directory listing of the folder that contains "mp3-today"?

if with "raw listing directory" , mean use "Show Raw Listing" option of smartftp ,well can't does ,smartftp not give option for that (mp3-today symbolik link is in parent directory of the ftp "\") also if i click(right click mouse) ,direct on symbolic link ..... always "Show Raw Lisiting" option is not avaiable........aniway if can be of help ,i get that with other ftp software ,without does name ,this is result :

[codebox]lrw-rw-rw- 1 nobody drftpd 0 Jan 10 16:23 mp3-today -> /mp3/copyleft/2007
lrw-rw-rw- 1 nobody drftpd 0 Jan 19 18:43 images-new -> /images/new/2007/january
drwxrwxrwx 3 nobody drftpd 69978016 Jan 22 17:13 test_speed[/codebox]

mmm...but problem happen only with smartftp ,i testing with other 3 ftp software(with pret support ,required for work with drftpd) and all 3 working fine ,but i will continue to use smartftp because think is the best

As I said, SmartFTP is using SIZE to check for file vs. directory in this case. Other clients may use CWD or some other command. In any case, SIZE should return something like "550 Could not get file size" when issued on a (link to a) directory, thus the FTP server implementation is buggy.

ok, thanks for explein ,now understand.