Can't install, file S______32.dll can not be found

Although it seems to download correctly, I go to the EXE file and when I open it, it says, the file S______32.dll could not be found. There is a big space there, where I drew an underline. I downloaded it again and got the same message. Can anyone help me figure out what to do to get it running? Thanks

What operating system are you using?

Can you post a screenshot?


does that make any sense?

I guess it must be my system. thanks for the link but here is what happened with the NSI setup.

At first it said the source file could not be found, then I restarted the download and it gave me a warning that an external application must be launched but when I accepted it, nothing happened.Image

Well it does the same thing as the first time. any other ideas/links?

thanks for your help!

Hello ..

Did you try do download it from as well?

Other than that I have no other ideas. You may need to reinstall your operating system to fix the problem.


Yes that's the original one I tried. Thanks though. Maybe I will reinstall the whole system and try again.

If no try ussing a online antivirus, for example is free.