Smart FTP 1.5 Backup Question


After spending about 4 hours searching for a solution and trying many things, I hope I can get one here. I have used SmartFTP for a while now and have a backup file from 1.5. However, I cannot restore this backup file with SmartFTP 2.0's backup wizard (which is dumb, by the way, it should be able to read the old one and restore properly, why bother backing up if its going to cause this much trouble?). As I started SmartFTP 2.0, it detected the 1.5 installation and offered to convert settings. They however, were not converted.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled both versions of SmartFTP, completely deleted everything possibly related to SmartFTP in the registry and in the application data folders, I restored the old backup in 1.5 a ton of times, etc. Nothing works, I can see the data in 1.5 but it refuses to upconvert to 2.0 when i'm asked to do so. I've manually moved/renamed files, etc, everything.

The File Version on the New SmartFTP 2.0 (which I got and installed yesterday) is 2.0.1001.0. The File Version on the Old SmartFTP 1.5 is 1.5.991.24. Any ideas on how I can get my login settings into the new SmartFTP? In case you're wondering, I keep a lot of FTP Sites in SmartFTP, so manually readding them would be a huge hassle.


P.S. I use it under the license "Free for Personal Use"

No response from staff even?? Well, you've lost me as a user and I wont recommend your product after this.

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