Index / Search FTPs

today i wanted to list/index/search my whole FTP Server.

So i searched around a little bit how i might achieve it to display all files in all sub-directorys and i found the Option:
Tools/Connection/List Options/Recursive (List -R)

This Command was not recognized by my FTP ("No directory -R..."). Might be my ftp, so i tried it at a Public FTP.

There it worked and i got a Raw Recursive Listing (notepad) as well as all the files listed in the Remote-Browser.
But in the Remote Browser the files seem to be all in the root (or start) folder from where i started the List -R Command so if i try to download something it says the file can not be found. Right-Click Preferences also shows that all files are in the root folder.
So it's kind of no use to me because now i know what files i got on my ftp, but i don't know where they are located.

BTW: is there some way to index an FTP in order to know how much data is in one folder etc. ?

Maybe there is a completely other way to do what i want ?