Webpage does not update

It's being a long time since i had this problem. Would really appreciate any help.

I had a site hosted by phpnet.us for free, and all along using smartftp to transfer my files. Recently, the problem got worse. From having my webpages taking few hours long to be updated properly, to not getting updated anymore. The index (homepage) would be updated promptly, but other pages would take a longer time or NOT get updated at all.

I have tried deleting all the files via smartftp & replacing them all with the updated ones. Also, when i download the webpages via smartftp to preview them, i could see that the files were updated. However when i surf the site via my browser, i would see old pages that were not updated (when they should be replaced already). Tried clearing all temp files on my comp too but wouldnt help.

My smartftp is now on passive mode, enable cache, transfer type binary, data connection private.
I personally felt that this problem does not concern smartftp(the software). Need enlightenment on this problem.
TY for ur time.

Your browser or any proxy server in between is probably caching older results. Press Shift+Reload in your browser to force a refresh, bypassing cached copies.

Tried shift+reload, doesnt work. thx anyway


anymore suggestions?