How do I automatically upload new site files?

I am developing a website on my local machine and am now uploading it with the Transfer Queue. As I continue to develop the site, there will undoubtedly be more files added to the system.

Besides me manually keeping track of each new file that is created, can SmartFTP identify any new files on my machine in addition to the ones that were originally uploaded? I may not know if a file is created and don't want to upload the entire site again just to be sure everything is transfered. And can SmartFTP identify files that have changed between uploads and only upload them?

I am using the latest free version., I think: build 1000.

Peter A.

OK, I found the place where I can accomplish this. It's at: Tools / Settings / Transfer / File Exists.

You can set rules for whether or not a file is updated with several parameters in either Direct or Queue mode. SmartFTP still has to scan through the entire site, but can selectively update files that have changed. Some of the options are obvious, but others aren't as obvious. Here they are in case anyone has any information.

This is the basic logic:
IF Destination Size = [No Matter | Smaller | Equal | Different | Larger | Unknown]
Time = [No Matter | Older | Equal | Newer | Different | Recent | Unknown]
Transfer = [No Matter | Upload | Download | FXP | Local to Local]
[Skip | Resume | Overwrite | Delete First]

What defines Recent in the Time field? It's pretty useless if you don't know what the program thinks is a recently changed or added file.

The Transfer options are a little confusing. Does No Matter just decide for itself which mode to use? Again, how would I know how SmartFTP chooses? I guess if it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter.

The THEN options are the most confusing. I can understand Skip and the difference between a simple Overwrite and Deleting the target file first. But what's the difference between Resume and Overwrite? Wouldn't Resume just go ahead and replace the file. If so, then why the Overwrite option? Perhaps it depends on the previous Transfer option, but that still doesn't explain it for me.

Any ideas folks?

Peter A.