i am not able to configure the scheduler.i want the downloads to start at 12.00midnight and stop at 8.00morning everyday whether the file isdownloaded completely or not.i want to download files from ftp servers.
when i click on the timer button and scheduler, the timer button should look like it is pressed but it doesent also, the timer does not work please help.

the scheduler wont get started evenafter i schedule.please help it i very urgent.i will buy smartftp to help if the scheduler started.
or if anyone will tell me how i can schedule my downloads to start and stop at a particular time daily.

1. Stop the Transfer Queue
2. Add the items to the Transfer Queue
3. Right-click on the items in Transfer Queue. Select "Schedule" from the context menu. Set the start/stop time and the recurrence.
4. Start the Transfer Queue

-Mat automatically started working fine.
i wanted to know one more thing, what is recurrence and also, i can t daily set the cant th scheduler have a recurring setting like it automatially stats at a set time and stops at a set time daily with the user having set the files to be downloaded and the timing.