browser doesn't display my flash files correctly after upload

I'm desperate because my website is perfectly functiunning offline but the navigation won't work after flash movies are uploaded on my server.
I've been checking this problem in flash, I first thought it was an error occuring inside the flash interface but it's not, no conflicts, no bugs.
So I'm thinking now that it could be a permission problem, or anything related to the transfer mode. I upload in binary mode, and on the other sites that I supervise everything looks fine, only this one won't work. My browser is IE 7, could it be the beta version that doesn't support certain interactions?
Here's the address:
All the files necessary for the navigation are in the root folder, all downloaded in binary mode. The index is set to the good swf. Then I can't find the problem.
If anyone is facing the same situation please let me know what was the bug and how you solved it!

I'm not sure how exactly your problem is related to SmartFTP? It's very likely not.