CHMOD implementation


I am trying to change the attributes of the file or folder on ftp server on smart ftp and encountering some problem.
When I change the permission of any file or folder using smart ftp it do update that perticular change but later when I do a refresh on the pane where that file or folder locates the permissions seems to disappear.

I am not getting why this happens. The strange thing what I have found is it responds properly for the chmod command
the reply is 253 Attributes changed okay. But once I do refresh and open the properties window for that perticular file or folder the changed attributes disappears.

Is there anything more I have to do. Can smart ftp point me that.

What kind of rights I need to have for the file or folder so that the attributes will stay as I have specified using CHMOD command.

As you did not post any logs (sigh), I can only guess the server is Windows-based. As Windows does not support the CHMOD command, these servers usually fake that a CHMOD has succeeded to not confuse any FTP clients. But in fact, nothing will change. Both the displayed and set the permissions are fake. You can simply ignore them. If you're trying to install some software on the server, e.g. a bulletin board, and the installation manual says you need to perform CHMOD on some files /directories, you can simply skip this step for Windows-based FTP servers.