Incorrect Favorites Password

Hi there,

I'm a long time SmartFTP user and recently switched to the new 2.0 and loved it. However, today when I tried opening the program from my start menu as usual, I immediately got an error message saying "Incorrect Favorites Password" and gave me the options to either click retry, backup, or new.

This has never happened before, and the program won't even open unless I click either "backup" or "new". Then what happens is the program opens, but alllllllll of my dozens of ftp site and login infos of my clients are gone and replaced with "Unknown" in the drop down list. I have backups but whenever I restore them I get the same error message when starting SmartFTP.

I'm truley at a loss! Any suggestions? Here is a screen shot of the error message and the program after it starts:




Your favorites.dat seems to be either corrupted or password protected.

Import a non password protected favorites.dat in the Menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites "Import" window. SmartFTP makes automatic backups of the favorites.dat file (see %APPDATA%\SmartFTP folder). You might be able to find a working file there.


Thanks I'll try that, is there anyway to get my history of ftp sites with login details imported back into SmartFTP as well?

Nevermind, found the answer in a search. Thanks